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Part-time courses
Digital Skills.


Here at Barnfield College, we believe in lifelong learning and want our local community to have access to courses and facilities that will enable everyone to train and up-skill to meet the demands of employers across the region.

We’ve got a wide range of part-time courses in priority sectors to enable local people to level up their career prospects and earning potential.

You can tune in to live talks to ask our tutors about the part-time courses that are available in the area you’re interested in, or if you know the course you’re after then simply apply online by visiting our website.

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Digital Skills.

In today’s modern jobs market, digital literacy is just as important as having the sector specific skills required to succeed.


We’ve added a new set of Digital Skills courses that are free to those who would benefit from them most, these courses will help you to improve your core digital skills and give you the confidence to do more.

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If you’re not sure where to start when looking for a part-time course then give our admissions team a call on 01582 569555 or use the live chat on this website to talk to us directly.

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Don't forget you can get your questions answered throughout the day via the live chat feature or on 01582 569555.

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